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The video

Proudly featured on the cover of the March 2018 issue of Nuts and Volts magazine!

I have a friend, Joel, that has actually made a couple of movies. Although he is an amateur movie maker, his movies came out looking rather professional. He agreed to help me make my video. It was to be between 10 and 15 minutes long — points would be deducted if it’s under 10 minutes or over 15 minutes.

Joel said that if I came over after work on Friday, we could get the shooting done by 10pm and finish the editing by midnight or 1am at the latest. It turned out that we didn’t get finished with the shooting until about 1am! Then there was the editing!

I suggested that we call it a night and do the editing another evening. No way! Joel wanted to get it done now, even if we pulled an all-nighter! The sun was coming up before we were finished, but we got it done! It came out amazingly well and turned out to be 14 minutes and 27 seconds long — perfect!!

Voilà a very geeky clock
“Voilà a very geeky clock”