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Senior Project was submitted

Today, I submitted my senior project! It consisted of my report (which turned out to be 41 pages, complete with pictures, schematics and references), a presentation poster (which I threw together one evening), and the video. I think it all came out pretty good. It is due by the 26th. I was hoping to get it in a week or two early, but some things ended up taking longer than I thought. It was a good thing that I planned to get it done early. I should get a grade by early next week.

Update May 3: I got my grades! I scored 100% on all three: the report, the poster, and the video!!!! 😀

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The video

I have a friend, Joel, that has actually made a couple of movies. Although he is an amateur movie maker, his movies came out looking rather professional. He agreed to help me make my video. It was to be between 10 and 15 minutes long — points would be deducted if it’s under 10 minutes or over 15 minutes.

Joel said that if I came over after work on Friday, we could get the shooting done by 10pm and finish the editing by midnight or 1am at the latest. It turned out that we didn’t get finished with the shooting until about 1am! Then there was the editing!

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Software is fully functional

The software is fully functional now. The clock’s software does not have everything I had hoped to implement, but it fully works as proposed! I really have to get the report finished. Of course, there are some specific requirements for the report including this suggestion concerning its length:

Although the quality of the report and the length of the report are not necessarily related, if you submit fewer than 15 pages for the combined introduction, discussion, and conclusions, you most likely have not adequately described your project, its history, your research, computer simulations, and the results.

Yikes! I still have a lot of work to do! And then there’s the video ….