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The frame

Proudly featured on the cover of the March 2018 issue of Nuts and Volts magazine!

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I designed the PCB to mount in a frame that I also designed. It was to be milled out of Medium-density fiberboard (MDF). MDF is smooth, easy to cut and shape, and paints well. I have a friend, Denny, who is a retired cabinet maker who agreed to make the frame for my project free of charge! I was going to hire him to make more if I decide to start selling the clocks. That was becoming a real possibility since the clock was generating a lot of interest in those that I showed it to. However, after Denny made the frame for the Senior Project clock, he said he was not interested in making more! I guess it proved more difficult than he had thought. If I do sell clocks, I’ll have to either find someone else to make the frames or figure out how to do it myself.

I painted the frame a few days ago. Now that it’s completely dry, I mounted the PCB into it and applied numbers. This is looking very cool! Better than I imagined! Although the software is not fully functional, I know all the hardware works as expected. It’s just a matter of finishing the code and writing the reports! Oh, and I have to shoot a video, too! That’s going to be fun! I know just the person to help with that …

Senior Project Clock
Frame painted and numbers applied